Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday May 1, 1895

Saw Mr. Sleeves at Sawyers
Father & Mother were married 39 years ago today

A beautiful spring day

Went up town this afternoon, drew out some money, had my ring marked for George and finished buying sheets. Am very tired tonight. Finished & marked the No. 7 & 8 pillow cases and No. 2 sheets. Sewed some on the outing nightdress.

Bridget came up this evening gave her a handkerchief. Mr. Holt has 13 bbls of syrup come today. He paid me back the $1.30 he borrowed last week. Have been more patient today. Croeker, Beausoleil & Youngs are on the sick list.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday April 30, 1895

Cloudy, showery, disagreeable all day because it has been warm & damp

Have written George tonight and mailed it at the corner. Asked about a position for Matie, also if it will be wiser to rest before we are married. I have thought of his side much today. Another box of Arbutus came, but do not know who from. Began on the third pair of sheets & eight pair of pillow cases. Am very tired tonight--had a note from May about the Arbutus.

Celia gets through tomorrow poor young wife! How good God is to me, and how poorly I show out his light!

Another month of waiting ended!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday April 29, 1895

Cloudy all the A.M. No clearer in the P.M.

High School reception tonight. Had a letter from George this morning saying he expected to have a contract which would bring him $700 and near Hill City. Another letter this evening speaking of our coming rides, etc. A lovely wild flower was enclosed which I have put on a card. Have mended & sewed more today. Had a box of Arbutus from May Thompson--Matie Douglass came up for a few minutes this evening. She wants very much to go west & I hope she can.

Sunday April 28, 1895

Cooler. Unpleasant but cleared this P.M.

Went to church--Mr. Love spoke on the power of "In His Name." Mr. Brown one of Mrs. W.P. Williams spoke with me after church. He sat in our seat.

Wore my blue dress & new cape, have fixed my brown hat so I can wear it better. Took a nap then wrote to George & Anna after 7 P.M. wrote a long letter to Ada & one to Jennifer Andrews.

But have not studied my Bible lesson--how short the Sundays seem.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday April 27, 1895

Anna's 30th birthday

Stormy rain most of the day--cooler

Had quite a thundershower in the night which has cooled the air. Been very busy & cross today. But I have tried not to be the latter. Now when I ought to be patient, loving & kind to all, I am so easily irritated, I wonder why! Surely it cannot be because I am run down, for I have been that before. Miss S & Kellogg have been to Avon, brought me a bunch of arbutur which flower always reminds me of "Will." My riding habit is all done and at home! Miss G'law likes it. Wish I could have sent Anna something today. The dear girl! Lewis family came in today.

Friday April 26, 1895

80 degrees at noon
Bright and warm

Eight weeks from tonight every chick of them will be gone--Eight more bathings!

Took care of my room and then rested. Have felt tired all day. At 2 P.M. went over to the store for some crackers & fruit. Miss G'law has been up town with Miss Stores who went home tonight. Melted up some of my old maple sugar for syrup.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday April 25, 1895

78 degrees at 10 A.M.
Very warm, had a little thunder shower this afternoon

Went up to Mrs. Hunt's, my riding shirt is all done, and the waist will be tomorrow. She cannot begin on the silk waist until later on--bought the material for my tea-gown, it is old blue with a changable old rose silk for front.

Came home and found Matie Douglass here, she was not well. Stayed until 4:20 and we talked of my future home. I wish she could go out there too. Miss Stores showed me her new dresses, they are very pretty. And such a splendid letter from George. He was thinking of buying a mill with Mr. Rogers. George had not started for Neb.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday April 24, 1895

Lovely again, with showers

Have sewed some, begun on another pair of sheets and the other pillow cases. Wrote a long letter to "My laddie."

Have rested quite a good deal today & read. Miss Gardner told Miss Greenlaw what I needed for stiffening in my dresses.

The children who went to the Capitol had a good time.

Tuesday April 23, 1895

Warm & bright--showered a little P.M.

Rested quite a good deal today as I did not sleep well last night, but I am feeling better, almost finished two pair more of pillow cases making 5 prs. all done, and the sixth all but tucking one. Also finished one tray cloth, and worked a little on my outing nightdress. So have really accomplished more than for some days lately. Had a letter from Ada. She has told Auntie. And so the news goes--today was setting on a table & Miss Sweetpass said "That's a bad sign." I said "I know it but an awfully good rest when one's tired."

My waterproof came this P.M.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday April 22, 1895

Bright early--stormed this P.M.

Soon after 9 o'clock Mrs. W.P. & I went up town, bought silk for my waist & my wedding silk, also a black cape. We did not start for home until 12:30 & I was very tired. Mrs. Cline came soon after that. I could not rest, but I was very glad to see her, and when I told her I was going West, she took it beautifully. Told me he would never have asked me to be his wife unless he loved me. How kind of her. Had a letter from George--he expects to [illegible] to Neb.

Sunday April 21, 1895

Bright, warm & beautiful

Went to church, rode home with Mr. Williams. Mr. McLeod preached on the theme "Christ in the World." Mr. Love has taken a hard cold. Spoke with Mr. Jones and Mrs. Frank Allen.

Have written to George. Took a long nap this afternoon but do not feel well so am going to bed. Mrs. Williams is going up with me to buy my wedding dress in the morning.

Saturday April 20, 1895

Bright & spring-like warm

It has been a very busy and successful day for me. Did my regular Saturday work in the clothes room--washed my two wrappers. Paid my bill to Mrs. Gardner. Went down to try on my riding habit--it is a nice fit. Had two teeth out & made arrangements with Dr. Bryant for the other work. Bought a waterproof and selected samples for a silk waist and my wedding dress--bought two pair of kid gloves. Mr. W. P. Williams has given me a paper so that I can get a discount on all goods bought at Sage & Allen.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday April 19, 1895

Strawberries for tea at 2 P.M.

Beautiful & bright--much warmer

Cleaned up my room & sew one pillow case--then lay down for an hour before dinner. Lay down until 4 P.M. and again this evening so my head feels better. Has stopped aching but left me very weak. George Atwell came up this evening and I found him after he came from the bathroom. We had a nice talk about his new book--I think he was afraid I would feel his mother's letter. Perhaps he will take some pictures of my room. I was blue, but now I feel better.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday April 18, 1895

This was Sarah Woodford's birthday

Another bright beautiful day

Have been tired all day and have not sewed much, finished and marked a pair of sheets and sewed one pillow case. Mrs. Waite came in & saw me working on a sheet--also on a tray cloth. Wonder if she suspects! She burned her hand today. May Thompson called at tea time and Mira later. I told May I was going west.

Had a letter from George, he expects to start for Neb. this week the latter part. My head feels tired & I am too--all over. Mira has been looking for at rents.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday April 17, 1895

Bright and beautiful--warmer

Took the 9:30 car for Unionville and left there at 6:40, both cars were the new side seat. Anna is doing nicely, and the baby is so cute and tiny. Doc takes more notice of her than he did of Lewis at first. I took some pinks and tulips to Anna & she gave me a bunch of geraniums. Lewis began going to school today & likes it.

No letter from George yet. I will write my usual one tonight. And I am very tired. Mrs. Geo. Thompson will make my tea gown & wedding dress.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday April 16, 1895

Cloudy & chilly--River still rising

The river is even higher than it was oen week ago, and it is feared it may take away the E. Hfd. Bridge. The Elec. Cars have not crossed since early this forenoon--Much damage has been done up the river. It was too cold and damp to go to Unionville. Made a money holder--finished my first sheet and have the mate more than half done. Worked on my outing gown--stitched the fourth pair of pillow cases. Sent a note to Ada about the furniture, and rested a little. Am very tired. Mr. Morey has gone. Hannon came back this afternoon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday April 15, 1895

Jennie Talmages' birthday

Cloudy--stormed this evening

Went to the dressmaker this A.M. She will make a silk waist too. Miss Gardner will let me know on Friday if she will make my black silk. Have another pair of pillowcases ready to stitch, & a sheet more than half done: worked some on my tray cloth. Had a letter from Mrs. Atwell & she told George & Belle. I have written her I was sorry. I will try to go out before long to see her. Hope to go to Anna's tomorrow.

Miss G'law put a doll all covered up on the lounge to fool Dr. S this morning & told him she had only one sick one & she would not open her eyes. Miss G'law seems very sober today. Am afraid she is worrying about her sister. Mister Higley, the new watchman, is here. Bridget has gone.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday April 14, 1895

Klurowski birthday 13 years old
Brother Roy is 22 years old today

Rained very hard in the night and part of the forenoon. Sunset clear.

Have not been to church was too tired and it it was so wet. Walked a while on the piazza. Read an article in Bible study then took a nap before dinner. Have been writing this afternoon--Miss Greenlaw gave me two of the "Reed Brothers" cakes of maple sugar, which I sent to George. Gave Floy Weld a photo & handkerchief for helping me & Roy a photo. Miss Jennie has been to Bloomfield with her mother.

Had lettuce for dinner but not from the gardens, & lobster too.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday April 13, 1895

Stormed this A.M. & again this evening

Had a letter from George which I would have rec'd yesterday had the mail been delivered. It was a good one as they all are. Tonight I read the notice of his father's burial on Thursday.

Stitched the third pair of pillow cases & hemmed a towel, besides sewing a little on my outing gown. Have gotten along quite well while on duty. Miss Jennie gave me a photo for Easter. Mr. and Mrs. Heynea were here to tea, they with Mr. Morey start for a visit to York State on Tuesday. The new girls are here--Minnie left this even. Bridget goes Monday.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday April 12, 1895

Mortimer Donahue 11 yeas. old today

Beautiful, but cold

Cleaned up my room then after resting sewed up & hemmed a pair of pillow cases--after dinner hem-stitched a towel, this evening between bathings began a sheet & one of my tray cloths.

Have written Harry & Maud--also a long letter to Jennie L. Talmadge.

The tired feeling has gone somewhat today. Mamie Oxly sprained her ankle while jumping in the yard--disobeyed. Was on duty this P.M. Sent the little "Forget-me-not" with George's letter.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday April 11, 1895

Bright but cool

Miss Greenlaw came home very tired, but I was so glad to see her! She thinks my ring is lovely and thot it was set wth jewels. Edith Marshall came this evening. Have tried several times to write to Geoge & have at last succeeded and it is after 11 o'clock. Communion in all the churches tonight.

Louis came to see me this forenoon. Father wanted me to go out there and see to things before Mr. Leyman moved in but I cannot. Made another pair of pillow cases & a holder. Have felt sick all day, better tonight.

Mrs. Miller came in & had a long talk, asked what I would like for a present.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday April 20, 1895

Doctor Fuller & Auntie Johns birthdays

Very pleasant but windy & colder

Went up town this P.M., bought cloth for a riding habit, & for sheets. Set the serge to Mrs. Horne. Cora Alfna spent the say here. Some Shakers have been in also--Met Mrs. Stowe and Gracie on he street.

Felt very tired & lonely all day. Is it because Mr. H could see Jennie & I could not see George! I sent him a note this A.M. and received a letter tonight; have not finished any work but cut out my outing night-dress.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday April 9, 1895

Stormy but partly cleared this P.M.

Miss Greenlaw has gone to Boston, the children have been good. I am very tired today. Have written a long letter to Mrs. Atwell but wil not send yet. Addie Leyman called to see me and I told her. She seems sad, but said she was glad. Mr. W. P. Williams came up this evening & we had a little talk. Finished a pair of pillow cases & marked some things. My ring has come, but am not sure it is the one he picked out as it is quite heavy. Sent George some flour for Easter.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday April 8, 1895

Rainy all day--windy this evening

Have just written a long letter to Anna, telling her what I have done & planned.

Finished the other tablecloth, the rest of my dish towels and one pillow case today.

My head aches & I feel very tired. Miss Rebecca went to Boston this noon and Miss Greenlaw goes tomorrow as the boat leaves on Thursday. More of my photos came tonight, but not my ring.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday April 7, 1895

Palm Sunday

Not at all pleasant, rained this A.M.

Went to church, had a good serman explaining the meaning of "Hosanna" (singers prayer) & "Alleluia" (Redeemed Song). H=save we beseech thee--A=Praise ye the Lord. Have written Ada a long letter and a long one to George sending my photo & a note of thanks to Mrs. Irwin.

Think I will wear my garnet ring all the time now--only when I can wear the other, so that I won't feel odd. Mrs. Waite came n this P.M. She saw me shut the "plush doors--" Mrs. Mann likes to talk of my future, have promised to give her my screen. My head has ached today, had a time with Liberty this A.M.

To bed 9:00 P.M.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday April 6, 1895

Unpleasant--Rain this afternoon

Tired, and was at noon but I went over to the dressmakers the dress was sent home this evening. I put it on and everyone pronounces it a fine fit and becoming. Roy took me over to show it to Ms. Waite and we had a little fun over it. Hemmed the rest of the towel and another tablecloth this P.M. Roy asked me if I tho't Mr. Holt and Jennie R. are engaged. I had a short...but good letter from George. It is the Jeweler's fault my ring has not yet come. Mrs. Irwin is going to start some plants for me. How kind! Baby is one week old.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday April 5, 1895

Very pleasant & spring like

Did not do much to my room as I wished to sew and have felt tired. Hemmed more dishtowels & drawn the threads to the three hand towels, hemmed one end. Took a little walk this afternoon, bought my rubber gloves, and a game, also a few dishes. George thought my ring would be here this week but it has not come yet. How much we have had to practise patience! This has been a very long week. Eleven more bath nights--am through late tonight.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday April 4, 1895

Pleasant most of the day

Went over to the dressmakers. My dress will be done on Saturday. Finished the napkins and one table cloth today. Am very tired. Miss Slate has asked me to take her school next Thursday P.M. I hope to do so. Perhaps Miss Gardner will make my blk silk. Had another dear, good letter from George, and he told me of a dangerous ride he took, also of the night when Jettie came to him after he had been in danger. What a good man my love is! Rec'd three of my photos--they look very sad and sickly. Mrs. Heynea came up this evening.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday April 3, 1895

A beautiful day--snowed early but cleared before noon

Miss Hannah called this afternoon. Sewed some, and written to George, received another letter from him tonight--How they brighten my days. I wonder if it is silly for two people to love each other so much & not be afraid to say it sometimes! It makes me happier anyway. Criss is to move away. Mr. Heynea may rent one house. Auntie will have a young couple live with her, so I am glad--Lewis is still with Ada. I could not sleep from 11 P.M. until after 8 A.M. so feel tired, must take a bath & go to bed. Think Bridget will come this summer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday April 2, 1895

Cloudy most of the day

Have finished all my best napkins and most of my dish towels. Also the fancy stitch on a tea holder.

Spoke with Mr. W.P. about my bank book & he thinks it would be as well to leave it here if I do not need it. The mutes have their meeting, entertained by Miss Green & Noyes. They just gave me a glass of lemonade & it was so good!

Miss Mann has gone to Windsor & I kept study hour for her--that means 50 cents extra. Have felt better today.

Mrs. Williams wants me to have a light hat & I guess she is right.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday April 1, 1895

Rainy and a true April day

Went to the dressmakers and up town this A.M. Bought silk for my dress and pillow case cotton--Anna has a little daughter born Saturday. Have written Mrs. H. a note of thanks for the information. A good long letter from George saying my ring will be here soon and as usual found our thoughts are in the same channel even before we know the others wishes.

Ralph Wheeler has gone away & no one knows where.

The Mr. Greenlaws return to me week after next. Mrs. Heynea has been up this evening--sewed a little.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday March 31, 1895

Very pleasant

Have not been to church, my head has ached part of the day. Have written letters to Auntie, Mrs. Cline, and George--Oh how strange it still seems to think I am to be married in a few months! And how good God is to me!

The electric cars have been running all day on this avenue, every fifteen minutes. I walked on the piazza a long time this morning. Now must go to bed. We have decided to be married in the West.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday March 30, 1895

Bright but cloudy very early with snow in the night.

Have been on duty all day, did not have any time to eat until 11:50 A.M. and a few minutes while the girls were picking up--woke very early & foelt depressed, even to tears. Spoke with Miss Mann about my blk silk dress, it will cost me about $50 & I do not know whether it will be wise! Mr. & Mrs. Heynea came to tea and spent the evening. I am very tired. Lilian Jenkins was buried today. The first elec. car on this line began at 11:30 A.M. Miss Sweet has spent the day at Nell Alfords.

(Baby Edgerton born today noted April 1.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday March 29, 1895

A beautiful day but a little colder

Told Mr. Job I spanked the boys & he didn't say one word. Signed the payroll tonight. The Juniors give the "Little Miss Pitikins & Goodnights" this even at the church. Cleaned up my room & have been very tired all day but sewed a little & marked another 1/2 doz. napkins & 4 dish towels. Realized for the first time how nice it will be to have George so strong. Miss Gardner cannot make my other dresses.

Bath night again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday March 28, 1895

Snowed in the night--snow, wind has blown very hard all day

Have marked some of the napkins and hemmed more. Had a long nap this afternoon and a long letter from George. He has such confidence in me--how can I help being proud of him! Miss G'law priced riding habits in two places--they were from $50 to $25. Mr. Jenkins was called home this forenoon, but the baby lived until 3 P.M. The little boys undressed in the hall and danced before the open door. I gave them a spanking & sent for Mr. Webster.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday March 27, 1895

Gussie Marshall is eleven and Eugene Humphrey six today

Bright & springlike, little cooler

Mended & sewed some on my napkins. Mr. Webster came to the show & had me help him in preparing a piece to read this evening. Tennyson's "Dora." I did some mending for him too. Mrs. Williams came up a while this A.M. I may have a seamstress come here & help me as Miss Gardner is very busy. Walked to Main St. for the first time. Called to see Grace Corey. She seems better. Jessie Palm called while I was gone. Have written to George.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday March 26, 1895

A bright day but a little cooler, hard a hard snow for about half an hour this afternoon

Mamie Marsh has been over to Miss Irwin's since in Jan. She called on me this P.M. & is Gertie Acheson's cousin. She has the care of the lame girl & is healing her--Jennie's husband died suddenly in Jan.--Miss Hatheway and Ida called this evening. It is Ida's birthday. Hemmed several napkins. Miss Greenlaw went up town with Miss Stores who has come for a visit & to have some sewing done.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday March 25, 1895

Rainy--cleared at night and a brilliant rainbow completely arched the sky

Wrote in my journal this morning all my leisure time. finished hemming a half dozen napkins. Have felt more light-hearted today. Mr. Jenkins baby has other troubles now. Mr. Weeks wife is very low. A new little girl came this noon. "Aurore Liberty." Miss Mann thinks I am brighter. Well, how can I help being happy!

Smith gave me two fine oranges this fore-noon.

I felt very tired this A.M. but better tonight--had honey & hot biscuit for tea.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday March 24, 1895

Cloudy--showered at evening

Went to church. Mr. Love had a good sermon from the text found in II Cor. 4: 16 & 18. He brought in thoughts from the book "Does God Send Trouble." Have not felt hungry but Miss G'law says I must at so not to loose flesh. My head aches from a cold. Wrote to George, then took a nap. Copied the verses read at Miss Phoebe's funeral--Mrs. Jones did hurt her foot Wednesday, but she was at church today. I rode home with Mr. Williams. Flora's friend went this evening--Mr. Bonoff came today.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday March 23, 1895

Beautiful day

Mrs. Belyea came & told Mildred--she dreamed Monday night her papa wasn't ever coming back, poor girlie! Went up town, had some small photos taken and bought a game. Ordered one of Lyals & one of Pansy's books--Called on Mrs. Jones--also on Miss Hathaway. She has not been sick & still not well. Received another letter from George. I am to have a pony, he says. The fire bell is ringing. I am very tired. Mrs. Heynea came up tonight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday March 22, 1895

Very pleasant

Took care of my room this morning, rested and hemmed another napkin. Had a letter from George this evening and he said if I could see how cross he was because I had promised to remain, I would not laugh! Well, I cannot blame him--wrote him tonight and sent a slip of paper giving the size for my ring. It all seems so strange! I am very tired. Thirteen weeks more of school!

Flora's friend came this afternoon, his business is to be in Penn, now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday March 21, 1895

Another bright spring day

Mr. W.P. congratulated me this noon and it all seems so strange, as if I were dreaming! I told Miss G'law and she almost cried, for she had begin plans to keep me, but said she was glad for me. Lay down all the A.M. finally had a little nap before dinner. I have felt better this P.M.--hemmed one napkin. Mr. Jenkins baby is still living. Did not go to the shop tonight as Miss G'law & Mann called on Miss Weeks--she is very poorly and may not live long.

Mr. Holt's brother came last night. He looks very boyish for 20.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wednesday March 20, 1895

A beautiful spring day

Ada is 25 years old today
Georgie White is 9 years old today

Ada and Leis came in about noon and stayed until 4:30. It was so good to see them, I went up town with them. Dr. Bryant thinks I had best have the teeth out soon. Ada & Anna are surprised to know of my engagement; Ada gave me some very nice napkins. Anna has not been sick yet. We took a ride on the Ashley St. line. I have told Mrs. Williams of my engagement & she thinks I shall be very happy & is glad for me. I am so tired tonight. Saw Louis but not to speak with him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuesday March 19, 1895

Bright: Marchy day

Mr. Jenkins baby still living. Clarence White is 12 years old today. Miss Greenlaw went into town & did not get home until late so I stayed in from the shop.

Mr. Holt has gone down to New Haven. Flora went with him. He said "We are going to elope!"

Finished my white apron with the lace Mrs. Humphrey made & partly cut a wrapper. Made me three kitchen holders. Have felt tired all day. It is Annie Thompson's birthday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday March 18, 1895

A bright warm day, windy

Mildred Belyea is 11 yrs old today, she had a holiday cake and a letter from her papa, but he is dead, altho' she does not know it yet. Poor little girlie! John Woodford is 23 today. Mr. Jenkins baby is a little better. Mr. Clark is also, his wife has taught for him. Mrs. Heynea came up this P.M. to stitch & again this evening. I have read aloud. Felt very tired before tea. Had a letter from Auntie. Louis is in here working for the Street R. R. Co., but I do not know where. Had a time with Evelyn this noon.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunday March 17, 1895

St. Patrick's Day

A beautiful spring day

Had venison crackers for breakfast again, feel better today. Mr. Love gave us another good sermon, but it was more particularly for those out of Christ. David Calhoun sat with us.

Wrote & mailed a long letter to Irma. Also have written a long one to George. Oh, how strange to feel he is my very own love!

Mr. Jenkins baby is much worse & Mr. Clark is not as well.

It is Joe Woodford's birthday. Gulley wore the wrapper Mr. G made her & she is much pleased.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Saturday March 16, 1895

Snowed early--cleared about noon and has been beautiful

Mr. Holt's brother is coming. I spoke of my going away to him and he was surprised. Mr. Mooney is going soon. Had a hard headache most of the day but feel better now. The children had one of their plays & the little boys came up. Mr. Stone died soon after 5 P.M. while Mr. Twitchell was praying with the family. Mr. Jenkin's little girl is no better. The first trolly car ran on Garden & Ashley St. this afternoon. Will run every twenty minutes. Annie Ailes is thirteen today. Grilley home this noon, cannot live long.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday March 15, 1895

Stormy and cold--snowed some

There was a big fire soon after midnight in Hart & Merriman's store-block--loss to all about $70,000 partly insured.

Mr. Jenkins little girl is very sick with pneumonia.

Have felt better this afternoon and had a long nap. I do hope to be able to do some sewing before summer.

Slicked up my room & washed my stockings then lay down and rested before dinner. Bath night again. Bertha Stone's grandfather is dying, brothers-in-law of Miss Phoebe.
Claribel Lusk Graham has a son born this morning.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thursday March 14, 1895

A bright beautiful day--windy

Was sick most of the night with the pains in my stomach and side & so feel wretchedly today. Decided I had better hire my black dress entirely made & took it to Miss Gardner this A.M. Miss Green going with me. Had a letter from Geo- and he wants me to come at once, has made plans for me. I wish I could go.

Wrote Ada telling her about my engagement. Will write Anna on Sunday--

Ache all over so a going to bed early.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wednesday May 13, 1895

Unpleasant again. Rainy

Could not sleep so got up a little after 4 o'clock & wrote to George. Had an answer to my letter & am perfectly satisfied, so sent him a note saying so. We are betrothed. No more my own! God's gift to me!

Wrote to Jennie Andrews this P.M. Miss Phoebe Stone's funeral was this P.M. Mr. Lyman has bought a building lot & will build. Addie has been to N.J. Had a good letter from Anna this morning. Miss G'law has just given me a nice orange. Mr. Lewis Tracy has taken nearly $10,000 from the Security Co.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tuesday March 12, 1895

Snowed in the night; not very pleasant

Felt very happy this morning but so tired tonight that I am almost blue & wish I had not told Mr. Job I would try to stay. Yes, I wish I could go to George and rest! Wrote quite a long letter to Ada this P.M. Took a nap, have come to bed before 8 o'clock. Had a nice long letter from Mrs. Cline this morning.

Miss Phoebe died about 10:30 last night. Jennie Andrews has been in Unionville over Sunday. Emmie McHue is in Collinsville for a while, has had the grippe. Handkerchief night.

Mamie, Evelyn, Denny & James very bad today.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monday March 11, 1895

Another lovely spring day

Had an extra letter from George written Tuesday evening at Hill City, so he had not received mine. I am so happy today. The spring weather always makes me feel light-hearted! Wrote to Auntie & sent the prayer book. Miss Phoebe is still living but that is all.

Katie Douglas called this evening, she is looking very miserably, fear she has the grippe.

Have been so lazy again today. Do not accomplish anything lately.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday March 10, 1895

A beautiful springlike day

Went to church. Mr. Love gave us a very good talk on "As my Father hath sent me, so have I sent you."

Mr. Brockett died this morning. "Aunt Phoebe" is very low. Bessie & Mattie called this afternoon. I did not get up until after 8 o'clock. Mr. Williams has taken a cheaper seat in church. Rode home.

Have written to George. The older children sat up to see the eclipse. Mr. Love spoke with me & said he should call again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Saturday March 9, 1895

Rained--Cleared about noon

Went up town for about one hour, to wear off my restlessness, and get some fresh air. Walked part way up & my ankle feels stronger. No letter today! At first I felt as if I could not be patient but God has helped me and I can wait for His will! Melted some maple sugar. Put some pieces in a scrap book.

Mrs. W. P. told me of the good Social last evening, they took in $40. Have read some of George's old letters.

Grace Allen's baby boy is dead--8 mo. old.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday March 8, 1895

Rainy most of the day

Mr. W. P. Williams let me read his verses. Mrs. W. P. told Mr. Love I had written some. Have not felt as well today & am very tired this evening.

I hope I will get a letter tomorrow morning for I can't do much until I know.

Must go to the bath soon.

The name of the Institution is changed to "American School for the Deaf."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday March 7, 1895

Not very pleasant

Wrot Copied my verses and took them down to Mrs. Williams. She seemed very much pleased with them. We talked so long about the social &c. that I did not go to the shop, but made up some elastics for Miss G'law.

Had a nap this P.M. & woke up feeling not so well. Had such a good letter from George it seems as if I must see him before July & yet it costs so much. Read aloud this evening.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wednesday March 6, 1895

Not very pleasant, has stormed a little

Felt better this A.M. but not as well this P.M.

Have just scribbled some verses to go with "Gift Dollar." Sent the old mittens & slippers this afternoon to Jennie

Miss Heynes came up this evening and I read aloud in the sitting room.

Have read a little from the live of "David Brainard."

It is already ten o'clock so I must go to bed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday March 5, 1895

Cold and pleasant--windy

Did not feel well this A.M. but much better this P.M. Received the pay for the mittens. The girls had holiday this P.M. & as Miss G'law was uptown did not go to the shop--Little girls had their sleds once more & the older ones went skating. It was fine. Put new ribbon on brown dress sleeves & knit on my slippers. Miss Allen came back this evening.

My letter must have been received by this time & perhaps a reply is on the way. Sent a short one to him today. "Handkerchief night."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday March 4, 1895

not very pleasant--chilly but has thawed. Rained tonight

Handed in my resignation, but it will make a great difference to them so have promised to try to stay. Miss Greenlaw cried because I felt as if I must go & I cried because it did seem as if I could not stay. I feel so badly most of the time! She will try to make it easier in many ways. Tore up the letter to George & wrote another. Received the venison tonight. Have felt real badly most of the day but better tonight. Played "words" with Flora and Mr. Comstock. She served candy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday March 3, 1895

Pleasant & colder

Have been to church. It was Communion. Mr. Robertson and a young boy joined. The texts for Mr. R. was my own "All things work together etc." The service was vert impressive. Mr. Love was back again. Came up in the car today.

Had a nap and then wrote to George.

My head feels badly for I cried last night tho I do not know why.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Saturday March 2, 1895

Rained and snowed

Have been very busy all day--finished the mittens and began worked on the slippers

Feel very tired this evening and the tears will come to my eyes--

Miss Mann kept asking about the picture so finally showed it to her and told her a little about him. She hopes I may "get" him. My resignation is written but will not hand it in until Monday or Tuesday. Mrs. Hynea came up this evening. Told Mrs. W.P.W. of my resignation--She put a tea rose in here tonight.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday March 1, 1895

not very pleasant. Warm

Spring--and very spring-like. The snow is going fast. My letter is one fourth on its way. Tonight came his photo. I am perfectly satisfied with the face I see and how my heart throbbed for joy as I looked at it! Oh the sacred trust of his happiness!

Had a letter from Ada. If I resign she would like to have one come there. Another bath night over.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday February 28, 1895

Warmer & not very pleasant

Did not feel as well this morning, but better tonight. Miss Greenlaw knows my increased salary & spoke tonight as if she thought I ought to live sumptuously. Have written to George and if he wishes to try a Sabbath plan, I will be his helper. Oh how long the next week will be! Had a letter from him tonight and cannot doubt his feelings. Mrs. Heynea came up a while. Sent Jennie's mittens to her. Have begun fixing her old ones. Mrs. Jones called again. I could see her only a few moments. Lady Sommerset spoke this p.m. at the Armory.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday February 27, 1895

Cold chilly day

Have gotten along very well today but feel so tired. Miss Jennie spoke with me about my health and when I said I did think I was good for much, tears came in her eyes.

Have been able to catch up a little in my shop work--And finished the mittens this evening.

Went up to see the play a little while. Gov. Coffin and Mrs. Coffin were there. It was very nicely done.

Miss Rebecca came tonight.

Wrote to Miss Hinman.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesday February 26, 1895

Cold & windy but bright

Have just been reading a good article in the "Home Journal" how women can please men. It is the only way to please any one--be true and sympathetic, and a gentlewoman.

Have felt better today, but am tired and fretty. How much I need to learn patience! Have looked anxiously for the picture. Oh, if only he were a Christian! I wish I knew if it were wise to marry until he is!

The girls have had their sleds.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday February 25, 1895

Not very pleasant--hailed some

Have felt better today

Mrs. Waite returned, but left Mrs. Smith suffering from Tonsillitis(?) The cook is sick again.

Mended Mr. Holt's coat and two of the boys so that I am not catching up in my basting.

Have knit some and wrote to Bessie Skinner. Mrs. Heynea came into the shop for a while this evening. Am very tired & have come to bed early. Had a letter from Ida B. Sanford.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday February 24, 1895


Had breakfast with the family--feel better today. Went to church--Dr. Walker preached from the text "Man shall not live by bread alone" He spoke of the many yearnings of the heart and how we should listen to the good ones.

Wrote to George this afternoon and a note to Anna telling her I am feeling better.

Mrs. Waite, Miss Sweet nor Mrs. K have not returned. Mr. Weeks sent a despatch saying his wife is unconscious.

The girls studied better today. Have worn my shoe buttoned all day for the first time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday February 23, 1895

A beautiful day
Feeling much better today

Had a letter from George. Thinks if I don't conclude to come west soon, he will have to come East. Expect his photo in a few days, wish it was not so hard to decide wisely. Mrs. Waite went to Springfield this P.M. to stay overnight. Tomorrow is Millie's Tenth Wedding anniversary.

The Work went well in the clothes room altho' we were late. Sewed, knit and rested this P.M. Had a note from Harry, also one from B. Skinner. She called, has a position. Miss Glass looks very tired. Miss Stores came to Hartford in the P.M. Mr. Weeks is very sick in N.Y.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday February 22, 1895


Play went off nicely & will be repeated on Wednesday for members of the legislature. The people woke me in going out and my head ached very hard for a while--have felt sick all day. Cleaned up my room, mended some to help the children, then lay down which helped me out. Took care of the girls after dinner until 2 when we began bathing. As the boys all bathed too, the water gave out and it was almost five before we were through. The party went off well. Helped pour coffee as usual. Told Mr. H. that I tho't of resigning April 1st because I am not strong enough for the place.

One of the skinners called while I was in the bathroom.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday February 21, 1895

Not very pleasant, had squalls

Had to work harder in the shop because I was gone yesterday. A Mr. Clark came about 9 a.m. with Hattie H's nephew to see this school. I had to entertain him awhile and then go to the shop where Susie Abbott & I worked on Tableau suits until about noon, rested a few minutes at 2, had to begin again and did not leave the shop until after 5:30. On duty until 7:45 hen the children went in to see the play "Merchant of Venice" but I am too tired & have come to bed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday February 20, 1895

A beautiful winter day

Instead of sending the letter to Anna, went out in the 10 a.m. car and reach home at 7:35 p.m. Have had such a pleasant, restful day and everything tasted good out there! She showed me all the pretty little things she had made, and she is feeling better. Doc says I have had the grippe and has given me some medicine.

The motors gave out this morning so that our car was some late.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuesday February 19, 1895

Pleasant, warm, but very damp

Am feeling better, went to the shop, lay down most of the morning. Sent George's letter, received a note from Jennie Taylor and a nice letter from Anna. Doc wants to see me before he gives me any more medicine. Miss Sarah Glass still improves.

Must write a little note to Anna and then go to bed.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday February 18, 1895


Woke about 1 a.m. with great pain in my side and bowels. Applied hot water but could not rest until about 5 o'clock. At Miss Glass' suggestion stayed in bed all day and was glad to do so, for I ached all over. Did not sleep but a very little, but rested in the quiet and dark. Miss Slate brought me a beautiful box of flowers, pinks &c. It was a great surprise and so kind of her. Ada & Bud was in the city and left a package of apples, corn & molasses candy for me. Miss Sarah Glass is better. Randolph died suddenly today at the Consumptives Home.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday February 17, 1895

Bright--beautiful day & little colder than yesterday

Have not been to church, slept until just time to get ready for the study hour. Have had a headache. Walked on the piazza this morning. Wrote two letters this afternoon, one to Fannie & one to Miss Atwell, began one to George. Have been very restless so that I think I haven't spent the day resting very profitably. And yet my heart has been full of thankfulness for all God's goodness! The children have gone into the chapel tonight. Have come to bed early--Roy has taken Floyd to church with him.

Mr. Hallock lead our Y.P.S.C.E. this evening--missionary topic.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturday February 16, 1895

A charming, warm springlike day

One year today since Ella was laid to rest. Miss Glass has not heard yet; there is a letter at the office and Roy will try to get it. I am not as tired as usual on Saturday night, perhaps because so many went up town & I prayed for extra strength too. My first number of the "Conn. Quarterly" came today and I like it very much.

Mrs. Bonoff, Mr. & Mrs. Howe and several others have been here. Knit some on the mittens. Miss Green went over to E. Hartford for the p.m. had a very pleasant time. Dinner at 6, of course. The letter has come. Miss G is more comfortable. We are relieved.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday February 15, 1895

Warm & bright--very spring-like

Received a valentine from Lewis, and the silver coffee spoon. Wrote Anna a letter & sent a valentine to Lewis. Am ashamed it is so late. Mrs. Mann asked me to give her class a story in signs today, they understood it well, we are pleased. She says she will send for me when she needs a substitute. Sent a note to Jennie Andrews. Miss G did not come this noon, but at 7:10. I am very tired, Mrs. Waite makes me nervous.

Death all around us, the Cook's nephew is dying, Miss Allen's mother and Miss Glass sister is very low. Rebecca goes tonight, and if wanted Miss G. later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thursday February 14, 1895

Bright, pleasant day, much warmer

One year today since Ella L. died. St. Valentine's Day--She was a message of love to God! Had a hard struggle not to let my evil nature get the better of me this a.m. & did not tell Howe to go out at noon. The children have been very good and obeyed quickly. Mrs. W has fallen in my feelings by telling Mr. Job of her trouble with Mr. Holt. I feel so sober tonight, like crying--things look so differently to ourselves & to others. Gotten along well on the mittens, have sewed some. Had a great deal of company in the schools. Only two mails a day now. Miss Allen's mother cannot live long.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday Febrary 13, 1895

at 9 A.M.

32 degrees above
pleasant and warmer

Miss Greenlaw has gone to Boston. Miss Sweet is the cranky one. Told me Howe was not well & could not go out. She plays all right, so I will do as I think best. Miss Sweet to Mr. Job about Craig, & he asked me if I had punished Craig. I was glad to say only by putting in the corner. But he is a bad boy. Mr. Job does not want me to whip any of the babies & I don't want to. Am feeling much better, have begin the mittens. Sewed a little. Mr. Job brought two gentlemen int the shop tonight. The children have been good & I have kept my temper, though it has been hard sometimes.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday Fenruary 12, 1895

20 degrees above at 10 a.m.
Cold and bright

Lady Summersel and Miss Willard are both sick and so unable to come to H. today--many are disappointed. Mr. W.P.W. took me for a nice ride this morning. Saw Mr. Wing's house & L. P. Ripley's new house. Tore up part of my letter added more & sent it this p.m. It seems wise to wait awhile. I am not ready. Sent a note to Mrs. Jones. I cannot walk way out there. Received a letter & yarn from Jennie. Old Mr. Foster returns to Vt. tomorrow. My head has been very bad most of the day; had two naps & feel better. How much God has given me!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monday February 11, 1895

A bright beautiful day & very cold

Cap. Smith, a friend of the Fry's, spoke in the chapel this a.m. on catching whales &c. Did not hear him. Am feeling much better tonight. Roy took Miss Greenlaw and myself for a ride; it did me much good. Called on Emma McVie. Found a letter from George on my return and I have written a short one in reply. If I send it, my future will be fixed as far as human eyes can see. And may God help me faithfully to keep to my pledge. I am feeling a peacefulness, but sober too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday February 10, 1895

Still cold & pleasant

Have not been to church, did not get up to breakfast but had a good nap. Read to Mrs. Waite the forenoon. After dinner lay down and slept most of the afternoon. My head has ached all day and I feel tired all over, so have come to bed at 7. Read a little book Mrs. W. P. loaned me--"Conflicting Duties." It was very good and so true for God never meant anyone should try to do more than he can do well.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Saturday February 9, 1895

Still very cold, but pleasant

Another day and yet no letters. I was very much disappointed until I thought of God's goodness and love for all His children. He knows what is best. On that I can wait.

My head aches, but I think the quiet of this afternoon may help it. Have sewed a little. The trains were so irregular that Edna could not go home last night: went today. Miss Allen went home this noon. Her mother is very sick.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Friday February 8, 1895

Harrie B. Webster is 12 today

Very cold. A blizzard began in the night & its wind has blown most of the day--It is very widespread--

Was sick in the night. Some fever I think, have not felt well today, slept this afternoon. Did not have the boys because of the deep snow. Mrs. Waite has more cold. Sent Harrie's letter but he may not get it today because of the snow. I do hope I will hear from George tomorrow and that this storm has not hurt him in any way.

Wrote a note to Mrs. Lang but have been unable to send it. Have felt very irritable all day & wish I could feel better.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thursday February 7, 1895

Some warmer, looks like snow

After sending the boys to school, went up town & bought me some wrappers, part-wool--reached home at 10:05 and enjoyed the fresh air. It is so good to have money for what I need. Miss Sweet & Mr. Clark are both sick with colds. Mrs. C. is teaching for the latter. Had a note from Jennie A. wishes me to make her more mittens. The gas went out all over the city last night. When turned on left many in danger. Police did all they could to help. We were not troubled. Have written a little to Harriet for birthday. Hope it will remind him that he is old enough to work for Christ. Enclosed a handkerchief. Mrs. Lang's little Israel is dead of pneumonia.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wednesday February 6, 1895

12 below at 8 o'clock
Cold but clear and beautiful
A charming moonlight evening

Sent a note to Mrs. Allen this afternoon in acknowledgment of her letter. Have felt more restful today. All the school rooms were cold this morning so that there was less order. Children had their sleds this noon but too cold to stay out long--chicken for dinner, oysters for supper--have felt tired and lazy all the week and have done only a little mending perhaps partly due to the cold. My cough is nearly gone. Have come to bed early. Hope I can sleep well. Enjoy reading from David Brainard's life so much. E. Car stalled near W. Hartford with a party all night.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tuesday February 5, 1895

Cold, windy & bright. Very cold tonight

11:30 a.m.

Last night I felt as if some trial were hanging over me, but this morning I feel a quiet calm. Is it the calm before a storm! My verses for today would indicate it. Well my "Father knoweth what things ye are in need of" and can give the strength to bear! Had a good letter from Miss Hinman, she may visit us soon. Sophia Hull is worse, has Bright's disease.

P.M. Everything passed off as usual. Very cold tonight but Miss Sweet & the girls took a long walk after study here. Have been looking at Mr. Belknap's church scrap book--very interesting. Sent Ada my subscription to the "Golden Rule."

3 cars from Unionville stalled near W.D. all night.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday February 4, 1895

Stormy but not cold--colder, a small blizzard for an hour or two tonight

Sometimes feel tired of my duties but most of sending the girls out twice every day for I am never free from it on school days. Miss Glass or Green can be away or stay in their rooms, but I must get the girls out. It is so wearisome. No letter though I have expected one from George for a day or two. Still it is best to learn to wait patiently for God's time. Wrote quite a letter to Ada this morning. Mr. Love is worse, has a high fever caused by his exertion in preaching yesterday. Mrs. Waite has gone to bed with rheumatism. My heart is weary tonight.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday February 3, 1895

Floyd Weld is 17 years old today

A cold but bright & beautiful day

Eleven long years since Mother went home, but today has been the brightest anniversary for me. The prayers I have made for Ada & George and their encouragement together with the latter's love and its coming answer in my own head makes me feel Mother is glad for me! Have not been to church but have read and prayed and so rested. I feel stronger spiritually, mentally & physically than for a long time. Mr. Taylor is spending Sunday here. Mr. Gillette from Washington D.C. lectured in the chapel this p.m.. God is so very good to me, & seems so near!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday February 2, 1895

Will Thompson is 35 today

Stormed this a.m. Clear & growing colder this evening

Had a good letter from Ada. She wants to study the S. S. lesson every week now. "While they are speaking I will answer!" Also had a nice letter from Mrs. Allen in regard to my withdrawal from the Y.P.S.C.E. It has been a very hard day for me, lay down a few minutes while they were sweeping this a.m. but the storm kept the children in and I am very tired but they were good. Next week will be free--Mrs. Waite didn't like it because I said Miss Green waited for second table. But I held my tongue.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday February 1, 1895

8' below 0
Coldest morning--bright and beautiful

Gave my room a thorough cleaning & mended Mr. Holt's coat before dinner. Mr. Webster invited me on a sleighride but could not go as Misses Grenslaw and Green were both going with Mrs. Job. Two sleigh loads of children visit the school again today.

Bath night again and as I am not well tonight feel very tired.

Mrs. Waite made some lemonade and sent me a glass of it in the bathroom. It was so refreshing!

Read over manuscript on my own--may use sometime.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thursday January 31, 1895

Frosty early. Cleared and warmer

A beautiful winter day. Mrs. Job W. invited Mrs. Waite, Mrs. Allen and myself for a sleighride. It was splendid.

Another sleighing party--Wethersfield School to visit us.

The Children had their sleds this noon. Am feeling much better in every way. There is "peace" for God will guide me in all things. Had chicken for dinner--with gravy! Sewed on my nightdress. Mrs. W. F. Jones called on me while I was riding. It was my second call from the church.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wednesday January 30, 1895

Foggy & very cold, cleared this p.m. & warmed

Miss Williams gave me a few of the flowers from the Chinese tea. They are very pretty. Had a letter containing some knit edge from Mrs. Humphrey of South Norfolk. She was very kind to think of me and will always like the apron. Have written her a letter. Went to the Park Drug Store after shop tonight as it cleared & was warmer. Have not been outside for nearly two weeks before, but wanted my medicine. Have not been as hungry for a few days. Mary Dennis will go home tomorrow as her mother is dying. Boys worked well. Am feeling better today. A school came to visit us.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesday January 29, 1895

Snowed until noon, clear & pleasant

I am nervous or something. It seems as if the children would drive one wild, some of them, and the talking in the sitting room too, so I have come to bed a little after 7.

Had a letter from Leila telling of a good Y.P.S.C.E meeting on Sunday. And one from Anna she is pleased with the homburg.

I have been cross ever since I got the boys ready for school but I have tried so hard not to be. Cleaned my hair this afternoon, had a long nap before tea. My cold is better, but I am so tired--Miss Hammond has a party tonight.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday January 28, 1895

Pleasant and cold. Clouding up.

A day full of restlessness, but partly due to wakefulness in the night, caused by coughing. I have thought & prayed much for George--And there been fretted by the children. How consistant! But I have "overcome" some of the fretting. Received a note from Leila, she has found out the fraud in the "Chain letters"--I have written her a long letter tonight. Had a short nap this morning and another p.m. The Pearl St. Church Chinese give their social to the teachers this evening. Am feeling better.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday January 26, 1895

Beautifully cold & windy

Have not been to church for fear of getting more cold. Read and had a little nap this morning. I could not help feeling Mr. McCord's words might help some today and I prayed that they might also for George and have written him a very long letter. I feel content for I think he must find Christ soon. My head has ached some tho I don't see why. But I will retire soon.

George's birthday isn't until Oct. 3rd. He knew mine all the time & wanted to send me something.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Saturday January 26, 1895

Stormy (snow--rain) cleared this p.m. growing colder

My cold made me feel about sick, but my quiet afternoon has done me good. Have sewed on my night-dress & knit a little on my slippers. Received a long letter from George and my thoughts have turned to Will Reed. The letter Leeila enclosed asking for ten stamps to help a cripple lady is proven to be a fraud. I shall write Leeila about it. Debby Marshall came this afternoon, will try studying. Miss Noyes has a party for her.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday January 25, 1895

Clear & cold

Another bath night. The children are so much better now than either year before. Mr. Newman had another fit tonight just before tea. Cut out a heavy night dress, finished a handkerchief, & begun some slippers, beside other work so think I have done well.Was sick in the night--pain in my side, but have felt better today than any day before since Tuesday. Took more cold yesterday and cough more. The children had their sleds again today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday January 24, 1895

Clear and cold

Children have enjoyed their sleds again. Mr. Morey's eyes are better so he will watch tonight My wrapper is done and hung up and it is a relief. Miss Glass went down & had a tooth out this p.m. Her sister came over this evening. My head & heart felt badly all the morning. Took a nap before differ, felt better late in the day. Had a letter from Lila. Her aunt ants her to make her home with her in York state. The children have been good. Nellie Sullivan did an errand up town for me and lost the change 50 cents. She felt very badly & wants to pay it but I won't let her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday January 23, 1895

Another lovely winter day, some clouds

Feel better than yesterday but took a nap this A.M. before going to the shop. Think it was the medicine which effected me. Mr. Comstock, Miss Noyes and I played "words" until 9:30 p.m. I beat. We had a very nice time. Sewed a little this afternoon. The children have been good, had their sleds today. It is very nice sledding. Miss Glass had a ride.

The boys moved the snow image over to their fort. Mr. Holt is to watch tonight. Smith brought me two splendid oranges.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday January 22, 1895

A lovely spring-like day

Ada & Burt came in to the organ recital, and stayed to the opera house. They came up to see me & invited me to go with them but could not. Now they are gone I feel lonely.

I coughed nearly all night and so have felt wretchedly to-day. My heart & head--lay down all the afternoon & now feel better. Mrs. Williams said I have been withdrawn from the Y.P.S.C.E. at last. Mr. Chas. Prentice died last night. Mr. Love is better. Had a letter from Mrs. Atwell. The boys made a snow image and named it for me.

[Editor's note: Y.P.S.C.E. is likely the "Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor" I have no information as to why Helen Webster would have withdrawn from the organization.]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday January 21, 1895

Cold early, warmer with rain

My cough seems tighter today and I ache all over, feel sleepy too but think it is partly the weather. Have sent Anna material for a fine long skirt. Mr and Mrs. Williams have gone down again this evening. Dr. Walker's sermon reminded of Mr. Bliss and it did Mrs. W. also. Mr. Meany's eyes still keep bad, and Roy sat up last night. Do not know who will watch tonight.

The children have been good today.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday January 20, 1895

Cold, clear and lovely

Father and Mrs. Atwell's birthdays. Have read over my journal written while working in N.B. and I believe I am brighter and near God. Dr. Walker gave us an appropriate session from Matt. 11:29. The meetings are to be continued, this week Mrs. Gage was at church. Was up to breakfast. My wrapper is such a comfort.

Mrs. Clark took the children into the chapel tonight. Have written a note to Mrs. Atwell. Mr. Love does not seem as well. Mr. Holt watched last night.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday January 19, 1895

nice winter day

Am very tired. Finally have my wrapper so that I can wear it but not quite done. Have been on duty all day but the children were good. They had "tableaux" this evening. Slept better last night but am coughing more tonight. Have been very hungry all this month--it seems good.. Mr. Love is unable to preach tomorrow because of a hard cold. I have felt that strange influence this evening, , but he must not know it--unless! Perhaps my letters are just received! I wonder if Miss Glass tries as hard not to argue me back as I do her sometimes.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday January 18, 1895

Nice winter day until p.m. began snowing this evening

Cleaned up my room this morning. The boys were good. They did 30 prs of stockings this week. Everything has gone smoothly today, only I have felt cross from lack of sleep, but have not spoken out much. Mr. Williams took Miss Green to ride this afternoon.Worked on my wrapper but too tired to accomplish much, so will put it away until next week. It will be wiser, may begin my slippers tomorrow, sent for the soles this noon. Miss Jennie had her pupils upstairs this evening. She sent Miss Glass some of the ice cream & cake.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thursday January 17, 1895

Bright and cold, perfect winter day

Things are happening this year. Mr. Robertson was not a Christian, but our prayers are answered, for he is one now. Mrs. Williams has told me much about the meetings held by Mr. Love. Mr. Williams took me for a little sleigh ride this p.m. It was such a pleasure. My arm is better, but my cough is not. Mr. Job came over today, a new boy came: Charlie Monro--Miss Green tho't I never offered to help Miss Glass nights and she was gld to know I did. We have had only one "spat" this term and that did not last long. Boys & girls have been good. Have been working on my wrapper and it is late.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday January 16, 1895

Cold but pleasant. Snowy

Three of Mr. Clark's girls did not have their lesson and I was so disappointed that I cried all the noon to think they were so deceptive. Tonight ran a large needle into my arm and it is very painful. Miss Allen's party was a great success. I enjoyed it. Miss Bessie sang and read. Miss Fay played and Miss Noyes gave three selections in signs. Mrs. W.P.W. told me of the church meetings. Mr. Love wants us to pray for ourselves that we may be filled, for the church, and for individuals. Pray purposely & read of revivals, to gain a deeper spirit. I am to pray for Mr. Robertson. The Miss Fushes were here & seemed cordial. Mrs. Waite told me of her trouble with Mr. Holt. She reported a boy. He was mad and called her cranky, but I think there was some [unreadable] distaste. It does not seem like Mr. H.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tuesday January 15, 1895

Clear and cold--Cloudy part of a.m.

Mr. W. P. Williams took Willie Randolph to the "Consumptive Home" today. He looks very badly. Stitched up my wrapper. Went up to town, bought two ginghams & some cotton cloth. While I was gone Mr. Love called on me. I am so sorry I missed him, especially as it is my first caller from the church. I saw Mrs. Addie Smith. She said Lewis and Anna were in yesterday. Mr. Job is better, my cold is too. My boys have been very good all day & the girls too. Had study hours and it rested me. Wish i could have gone down to the meeting. Mr. Love holds three this week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monday January 14, 1895

Cold and pleasant

Wrote letters to Hattie Humphrey and Anna, washed my flannels, ironed the napkins I need for tea Saturday evening and basted up my wrapper--it fits nicely, I think.--and have done my regular work. The children have been good, could skate and slide again. Miss Hathewey made me a nice visit this evening. She looked very pretty. Took more cold Saturday & so cough more. Miss Allen has invited me to a social time on Wednesday evening. Mr. Job is better but not out yet. Teached Mamie Oxly up all the morn. Mr. Clark has to send her to bed she was so bad.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday January 13, 1895

Rained hard early, cleared & nice but around 4 p.m. came a cold snowstorm & wind

Went to church. Had a good sermon from Matt. 27:6-10. I think Mrs. Robertson's death had something to do with the subject as he dwelt on the joy which came to us from taking Christ's view of a great calamity. Mr. Robertson was there with one child. Mrs. Jones spoke with me. She is sister of a former Brown School teacher & attends our church. Was on duty this evening. Mamie O. very bad both times. Jennie R. room was entered by drunken man and I think Mr. Holt wants to marry her now. Have written a long letter to George for fear some harm may come to her.

Mr. Williams no better.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Saturday January 12, 1895

Cloudy this morning, cleared at noon

Took the 12:30 M, east for Unionville and spent two hours with Anna. She looks well, her dining room set is so pretty. She showed me the little sewing she had done. Popped corn & I brought home some. Also a big piece of loaf cake. Felt too tired to eat supper and was intending to have a gruel-evening here, but Miss Mann took supper with me, she seemed to enjoy it very much. George Atwell brought back my book, but did not see him. Had a long talk with Dr. Newton's mother on the ear. I am so tired. Have heard Mrs. Holt is to leave. Mrs [unreadable] is sick with a hard cold.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some more background on the project

My sister left the following comment, but I'm turning it into a post so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Here's some more of what we know about Helen Webster.
She was a teacher at the American School for the deaf in Hartford CT in 1895. Those are the children that she speaks of in her writings. Like most special needs schools at the time, the children and teachers lived at the school. George was married to Helen's best friend, but she died. After some time, she and George married. They eventually moved to the Dakota territory. Helen was not a young woman when she wrote this diary. She was likely in her 40's. After she married George, she had Grandma's (Wilma) mother. Sadly, she died in 1902 when her daughter was only 7.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get copies of the other volumes, but I've still got lots to post here.

Friday January 11, 1895

Very unpleasant all day, fog &c.

That reminds me what an affectionate little girl Fogg is! The children have been very good. Had another letter from George. Such a true letter too! Just before I awoke this morning, I dreamed he came for to see me. I did not expect him but we met on the train and Mother came to me too. She told the girls we were soon to be married and seemed pleased. When G. and I were alone I thought he drew me to him and I knew I loved him. Then I awoke, my heart still throbbing & I thought it would be sweet to love & be loved like that! It was only a dream! Finished cutting my dress--cleaned my room up. Have written a short letter to George.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thursday January 10, 1895

Still another stormy day, colder

Sent notes to Miss Hatheway & Anna and letters to Auntie and Leila Thompson. It is Jennie A. Taylor's birthday. I sent her a handkerchief. The boys have been good. Have worked some on my wrapper. The days pass so quickly and I accomplish little outside my regular work. I feel like crying for three little ones are left motherless. The parents attended our church. The mother was my age. Our church gives its yearly report to-night; each society is to report.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wednesday January 9, 1895

Cleared this forenoon, colder

The boys have been good, but kept Lars and Jas. Jellison tonight because they would wear their hats in the room. Sewed a little on my dress and put away some clothes in my trunk. Have felt light-headed most of the day. Burned the letter I wrote Sunday. Mrs. Holt & Mrs. Waite had a "spat" tonight--do not know the cause. Mrs. Beliga spent the evening here. The c. drops help me. Mrs. J will give me the rest. Had good night's sleep. We had a good chicken pie this noon. Must bathe and go to bed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tuesday January 8, 1895

Raining nearly all day, snowed tonight

Feel very tired, finished an apron did some mending and cut out part of my outing napkin. Slept better last night but coughed harder to-day.

Mr. Tyran--Mr. Stone's father in-law buried today. Miss Glass went up-town. Mr. Millard called on her & he thought I was a mute. We had a good laugh. Boys were good. Mr. Marcy is sick again, so Mr. Webster watched last night. Mr. Holt is teaching for Miss Hammond this week. Miss Jennie gave me some of Arthur K. cough drops to try.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday January 7, 1895

Rainy all day, warmer

Mrs. Wallin sent me a lovely jewel-box made of yellow ribbon and glass. I am very much pleased, sent her a note of thanks. Have felt tired and half-sick all day because of my cold and lack of sleep. The boys have been very good. Miss Greenbaw, her sister Miss Mann, Mrs. Waite & I played "Old Maid," not war. Miss G. first game. Did not get any letters today and did not send the one I wrote.

Some background on this project

Parts of this post originally appeared at Incertus.

Helen Webster is, I believe, a great grandmother of mine, who was a teenager in the 1890s. Beyond that, I know nothing. My grandmother's sister (great-aunt? I can never keep these things straight) found this diary probably ten years ago and photocopied it for everyone in the family who wanted a copy. My sister passed it along to me, as a curiosity of sorts, and it's been sitting in a portable file cabinet ever since. I'd long planned to transcribe it, but frankly, the job seemed overwhelming, especially since the handwriting is small and has gone through the photocopier a few times.

But then I saw this story and was inspired. I post a new diary entry every day, and I find myself approaching this not as a task, but as a joy. I've had to force myself to not transcribe more than a day at a time, and in fact, I find myself deliberately delaying the transcription so as to increase the pleasure I'm getting from it so far.

I've been a bit overwhelmed by the reception thus far, and I'm quite appreciative. I'll keep it up as long as I have entries to work with, and when I'm finished, I plan to leave it up indefinitely, as an archive of this person at this point in time.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday January 6, 1895

Cold, stormy day. Snow and rain, freezing.

Have not been to church as I was afraid to go on the icy walks, and of taking more cold. Studyed a little in my Bible and wrote a long letter to George which I may not send, tho' it was a relief to write it. This afternoon had a long nap. My cold is about the same. The girls were good mostly during study hour. Had to shut Bourdon up again. Sent down a responce for this evening & have not been to communion in a long time. Up to breakfast.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday January 5, 1895

Pleasant--but very cold--

Have been very busy. Was on duty this afternoon but the girls were all good except Bourdon and Tobey. They submitted at last. George R. came up between trains: he missed the 6 o'clock. I loaned him "Derrick Vaughan" to read. Finished my mittens and an initial in my handkerchief Mrs. A. gave me for my birthday. Mrs. Waite's cold is very bad--mine is no better. Have felt very cross part of the day and feel as if I were a miserable Christian! Still I feel like eating and stronger. I am so glad.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday January 4, 1895

Snowed early--cleared at noon, thaws
grows colder tonight

Rec'd the rest of my salary to-day. Have a hard cold so feel tired. Cleaned up my room. Finished three aprons for Mrs. Flagg's boys. The children have had a nice week for skating & sliding. Miss Bessie Fay said "I am so glad it is the last day of school. I am so tired." I wonder if the teachers ever think of the rest who care for 150 children at one time, and seven days in the week! Evening. The party is in progress. Took my bath after the girls. Had a letter from George R. Am not so sure all is over between us. I may have been mistaken. Some Miss Thompson called while I was bathing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday January 3, 1895

Cloudy, colder, does not thaw

PM 12:30 o'clock

Went up to town and bought a black dress for "good." Also one of Lyall's books. Feel tired and fretty. Miss Hatheway called while I was away. Am sorry to have mised her.

Rec'd Dr. Bryant's card, He has left Chapman's and is for himself in the Cheney Bldg. Miss Glass has gone uptown, Mr. Wing will speak on the Chinese and Japan war tomorrow even in the parlor, by request. Miss Jennie has invited me, but as it is bath night I cannot go. Still I am glad she asked me. Had a nap, feel tired & cross tonight. Am still hungry. Played songs this even, finished two aprons for Mrs. Smith's boys.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday January 2, 1895

Fair, not as cold, thaws

Went down to the hospital this forenoon to see Fannie. Carried cakes, fruit and candy. Went and came on the electric car. They are such a luxury.

Did a little sewing this afternoon, and took a nap. My ankle feels weak today. Miss Glass has had a pain in her face. I read to her from "Nancy Hartshour" this evening.

Began again in the shop this evening but several of the boys are sick, and some stayed out to skate. Have been hungry today.

Tues. Jan 1 1895

Fair and cold

As my life here is so varied, I have concluded to keep a diary for one year. Had a letter from Auntie. She seems pleased with my little gifts, but seems disheartened by losses. How lovely her life is! I am thinking of George R. too. Wondering if he has my note and how he will bear the letter which will soon be there too. Oh I am sorry for him! And yet I am sure it will all end well.

Party went off nicely. Lots of company. I am tired. Geo. R. called this evening.