Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday Fenruary 12, 1895

20 degrees above at 10 a.m.
Cold and bright

Lady Summersel and Miss Willard are both sick and so unable to come to H. today--many are disappointed. Mr. W.P.W. took me for a nice ride this morning. Saw Mr. Wing's house & L. P. Ripley's new house. Tore up part of my letter added more & sent it this p.m. It seems wise to wait awhile. I am not ready. Sent a note to Mrs. Jones. I cannot walk way out there. Received a letter & yarn from Jennie. Old Mr. Foster returns to Vt. tomorrow. My head has been very bad most of the day; had two naps & feel better. How much God has given me!

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