Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday March 8, 1895

Rainy most of the day

Mr. W. P. Williams let me read his verses. Mrs. W. P. told Mr. Love I had written some. Have not felt as well today & am very tired this evening.

I hope I will get a letter tomorrow morning for I can't do much until I know.

Must go to the bath soon.

The name of the Institution is changed to "American School for the Deaf."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday March 7, 1895

Not very pleasant

Wrot Copied my verses and took them down to Mrs. Williams. She seemed very much pleased with them. We talked so long about the social &c. that I did not go to the shop, but made up some elastics for Miss G'law.

Had a nap this P.M. & woke up feeling not so well. Had such a good letter from George it seems as if I must see him before July & yet it costs so much. Read aloud this evening.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wednesday March 6, 1895

Not very pleasant, has stormed a little

Felt better this A.M. but not as well this P.M.

Have just scribbled some verses to go with "Gift Dollar." Sent the old mittens & slippers this afternoon to Jennie

Miss Heynes came up this evening and I read aloud in the sitting room.

Have read a little from the live of "David Brainard."

It is already ten o'clock so I must go to bed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday March 5, 1895

Cold and pleasant--windy

Did not feel well this A.M. but much better this P.M. Received the pay for the mittens. The girls had holiday this P.M. & as Miss G'law was uptown did not go to the shop--Little girls had their sleds once more & the older ones went skating. It was fine. Put new ribbon on brown dress sleeves & knit on my slippers. Miss Allen came back this evening.

My letter must have been received by this time & perhaps a reply is on the way. Sent a short one to him today. "Handkerchief night."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday March 4, 1895

not very pleasant--chilly but has thawed. Rained tonight

Handed in my resignation, but it will make a great difference to them so have promised to try to stay. Miss Greenlaw cried because I felt as if I must go & I cried because it did seem as if I could not stay. I feel so badly most of the time! She will try to make it easier in many ways. Tore up the letter to George & wrote another. Received the venison tonight. Have felt real badly most of the day but better tonight. Played "words" with Flora and Mr. Comstock. She served candy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday March 3, 1895

Pleasant & colder

Have been to church. It was Communion. Mr. Robertson and a young boy joined. The texts for Mr. R. was my own "All things work together etc." The service was vert impressive. Mr. Love was back again. Came up in the car today.

Had a nap and then wrote to George.

My head feels badly for I cried last night tho I do not know why.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Saturday March 2, 1895

Rained and snowed

Have been very busy all day--finished the mittens and began worked on the slippers

Feel very tired this evening and the tears will come to my eyes--

Miss Mann kept asking about the picture so finally showed it to her and told her a little about him. She hopes I may "get" him. My resignation is written but will not hand it in until Monday or Tuesday. Mrs. Hynea came up this evening. Told Mrs. W.P.W. of my resignation--She put a tea rose in here tonight.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday March 1, 1895

not very pleasant. Warm

Spring--and very spring-like. The snow is going fast. My letter is one fourth on its way. Tonight came his photo. I am perfectly satisfied with the face I see and how my heart throbbed for joy as I looked at it! Oh the sacred trust of his happiness!

Had a letter from Ada. If I resign she would like to have one come there. Another bath night over.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday February 28, 1895

Warmer & not very pleasant

Did not feel as well this morning, but better tonight. Miss Greenlaw knows my increased salary & spoke tonight as if she thought I ought to live sumptuously. Have written to George and if he wishes to try a Sabbath plan, I will be his helper. Oh how long the next week will be! Had a letter from him tonight and cannot doubt his feelings. Mrs. Heynea came up a while. Sent Jennie's mittens to her. Have begun fixing her old ones. Mrs. Jones called again. I could see her only a few moments. Lady Sommerset spoke this p.m. at the Armory.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday February 27, 1895

Cold chilly day

Have gotten along very well today but feel so tired. Miss Jennie spoke with me about my health and when I said I did think I was good for much, tears came in her eyes.

Have been able to catch up a little in my shop work--And finished the mittens this evening.

Went up to see the play a little while. Gov. Coffin and Mrs. Coffin were there. It was very nicely done.

Miss Rebecca came tonight.

Wrote to Miss Hinman.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesday February 26, 1895

Cold & windy but bright

Have just been reading a good article in the "Home Journal" how women can please men. It is the only way to please any one--be true and sympathetic, and a gentlewoman.

Have felt better today, but am tired and fretty. How much I need to learn patience! Have looked anxiously for the picture. Oh, if only he were a Christian! I wish I knew if it were wise to marry until he is!

The girls have had their sleds.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday February 25, 1895

Not very pleasant--hailed some

Have felt better today

Mrs. Waite returned, but left Mrs. Smith suffering from Tonsillitis(?) The cook is sick again.

Mended Mr. Holt's coat and two of the boys so that I am not catching up in my basting.

Have knit some and wrote to Bessie Skinner. Mrs. Heynea came into the shop for a while this evening. Am very tired & have come to bed early. Had a letter from Ida B. Sanford.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday February 24, 1895


Had breakfast with the family--feel better today. Went to church--Dr. Walker preached from the text "Man shall not live by bread alone" He spoke of the many yearnings of the heart and how we should listen to the good ones.

Wrote to George this afternoon and a note to Anna telling her I am feeling better.

Mrs. Waite, Miss Sweet nor Mrs. K have not returned. Mr. Weeks sent a despatch saying his wife is unconscious.

The girls studied better today. Have worn my shoe buttoned all day for the first time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday February 23, 1895

A beautiful day
Feeling much better today

Had a letter from George. Thinks if I don't conclude to come west soon, he will have to come East. Expect his photo in a few days, wish it was not so hard to decide wisely. Mrs. Waite went to Springfield this P.M. to stay overnight. Tomorrow is Millie's Tenth Wedding anniversary.

The Work went well in the clothes room altho' we were late. Sewed, knit and rested this P.M. Had a note from Harry, also one from B. Skinner. She called, has a position. Miss Glass looks very tired. Miss Stores came to Hartford in the P.M. Mr. Weeks is very sick in N.Y.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday February 22, 1895


Play went off nicely & will be repeated on Wednesday for members of the legislature. The people woke me in going out and my head ached very hard for a while--have felt sick all day. Cleaned up my room, mended some to help the children, then lay down which helped me out. Took care of the girls after dinner until 2 when we began bathing. As the boys all bathed too, the water gave out and it was almost five before we were through. The party went off well. Helped pour coffee as usual. Told Mr. H. that I tho't of resigning April 1st because I am not strong enough for the place.

One of the skinners called while I was in the bathroom.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday February 21, 1895

Not very pleasant, had squalls

Had to work harder in the shop because I was gone yesterday. A Mr. Clark came about 9 a.m. with Hattie H's nephew to see this school. I had to entertain him awhile and then go to the shop where Susie Abbott & I worked on Tableau suits until about noon, rested a few minutes at 2, had to begin again and did not leave the shop until after 5:30. On duty until 7:45 hen the children went in to see the play "Merchant of Venice" but I am too tired & have come to bed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday February 20, 1895

A beautiful winter day

Instead of sending the letter to Anna, went out in the 10 a.m. car and reach home at 7:35 p.m. Have had such a pleasant, restful day and everything tasted good out there! She showed me all the pretty little things she had made, and she is feeling better. Doc says I have had the grippe and has given me some medicine.

The motors gave out this morning so that our car was some late.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuesday February 19, 1895

Pleasant, warm, but very damp

Am feeling better, went to the shop, lay down most of the morning. Sent George's letter, received a note from Jennie Taylor and a nice letter from Anna. Doc wants to see me before he gives me any more medicine. Miss Sarah Glass still improves.

Must write a little note to Anna and then go to bed.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday February 18, 1895


Woke about 1 a.m. with great pain in my side and bowels. Applied hot water but could not rest until about 5 o'clock. At Miss Glass' suggestion stayed in bed all day and was glad to do so, for I ached all over. Did not sleep but a very little, but rested in the quiet and dark. Miss Slate brought me a beautiful box of flowers, pinks &c. It was a great surprise and so kind of her. Ada & Bud was in the city and left a package of apples, corn & molasses candy for me. Miss Sarah Glass is better. Randolph died suddenly today at the Consumptives Home.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday February 17, 1895

Bright--beautiful day & little colder than yesterday

Have not been to church, slept until just time to get ready for the study hour. Have had a headache. Walked on the piazza this morning. Wrote two letters this afternoon, one to Fannie & one to Miss Atwell, began one to George. Have been very restless so that I think I haven't spent the day resting very profitably. And yet my heart has been full of thankfulness for all God's goodness! The children have gone into the chapel tonight. Have come to bed early--Roy has taken Floyd to church with him.

Mr. Hallock lead our Y.P.S.C.E. this evening--missionary topic.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturday February 16, 1895

A charming, warm springlike day

One year today since Ella was laid to rest. Miss Glass has not heard yet; there is a letter at the office and Roy will try to get it. I am not as tired as usual on Saturday night, perhaps because so many went up town & I prayed for extra strength too. My first number of the "Conn. Quarterly" came today and I like it very much.

Mrs. Bonoff, Mr. & Mrs. Howe and several others have been here. Knit some on the mittens. Miss Green went over to E. Hartford for the p.m. had a very pleasant time. Dinner at 6, of course. The letter has come. Miss G is more comfortable. We are relieved.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday February 15, 1895

Warm & bright--very spring-like

Received a valentine from Lewis, and the silver coffee spoon. Wrote Anna a letter & sent a valentine to Lewis. Am ashamed it is so late. Mrs. Mann asked me to give her class a story in signs today, they understood it well, we are pleased. She says she will send for me when she needs a substitute. Sent a note to Jennie Andrews. Miss G did not come this noon, but at 7:10. I am very tired, Mrs. Waite makes me nervous.

Death all around us, the Cook's nephew is dying, Miss Allen's mother and Miss Glass sister is very low. Rebecca goes tonight, and if wanted Miss G. later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thursday February 14, 1895

Bright, pleasant day, much warmer

One year today since Ella L. died. St. Valentine's Day--She was a message of love to God! Had a hard struggle not to let my evil nature get the better of me this a.m. & did not tell Howe to go out at noon. The children have been very good and obeyed quickly. Mrs. W has fallen in my feelings by telling Mr. Job of her trouble with Mr. Holt. I feel so sober tonight, like crying--things look so differently to ourselves & to others. Gotten along well on the mittens, have sewed some. Had a great deal of company in the schools. Only two mails a day now. Miss Allen's mother cannot live long.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday Febrary 13, 1895

at 9 A.M.

32 degrees above
pleasant and warmer

Miss Greenlaw has gone to Boston. Miss Sweet is the cranky one. Told me Howe was not well & could not go out. She plays all right, so I will do as I think best. Miss Sweet to Mr. Job about Craig, & he asked me if I had punished Craig. I was glad to say only by putting in the corner. But he is a bad boy. Mr. Job does not want me to whip any of the babies & I don't want to. Am feeling much better, have begin the mittens. Sewed a little. Mr. Job brought two gentlemen int the shop tonight. The children have been good & I have kept my temper, though it has been hard sometimes.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday Fenruary 12, 1895

20 degrees above at 10 a.m.
Cold and bright

Lady Summersel and Miss Willard are both sick and so unable to come to H. today--many are disappointed. Mr. W.P.W. took me for a nice ride this morning. Saw Mr. Wing's house & L. P. Ripley's new house. Tore up part of my letter added more & sent it this p.m. It seems wise to wait awhile. I am not ready. Sent a note to Mrs. Jones. I cannot walk way out there. Received a letter & yarn from Jennie. Old Mr. Foster returns to Vt. tomorrow. My head has been very bad most of the day; had two naps & feel better. How much God has given me!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monday February 11, 1895

A bright beautiful day & very cold

Cap. Smith, a friend of the Fry's, spoke in the chapel this a.m. on catching whales &c. Did not hear him. Am feeling much better tonight. Roy took Miss Greenlaw and myself for a ride; it did me much good. Called on Emma McVie. Found a letter from George on my return and I have written a short one in reply. If I send it, my future will be fixed as far as human eyes can see. And may God help me faithfully to keep to my pledge. I am feeling a peacefulness, but sober too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday February 10, 1895

Still cold & pleasant

Have not been to church, did not get up to breakfast but had a good nap. Read to Mrs. Waite the forenoon. After dinner lay down and slept most of the afternoon. My head has ached all day and I feel tired all over, so have come to bed at 7. Read a little book Mrs. W. P. loaned me--"Conflicting Duties." It was very good and so true for God never meant anyone should try to do more than he can do well.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Saturday February 9, 1895

Still very cold, but pleasant

Another day and yet no letters. I was very much disappointed until I thought of God's goodness and love for all His children. He knows what is best. On that I can wait.

My head aches, but I think the quiet of this afternoon may help it. Have sewed a little. The trains were so irregular that Edna could not go home last night: went today. Miss Allen went home this noon. Her mother is very sick.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Friday February 8, 1895

Harrie B. Webster is 12 today

Very cold. A blizzard began in the night & its wind has blown most of the day--It is very widespread--

Was sick in the night. Some fever I think, have not felt well today, slept this afternoon. Did not have the boys because of the deep snow. Mrs. Waite has more cold. Sent Harrie's letter but he may not get it today because of the snow. I do hope I will hear from George tomorrow and that this storm has not hurt him in any way.

Wrote a note to Mrs. Lang but have been unable to send it. Have felt very irritable all day & wish I could feel better.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thursday February 7, 1895

Some warmer, looks like snow

After sending the boys to school, went up town & bought me some wrappers, part-wool--reached home at 10:05 and enjoyed the fresh air. It is so good to have money for what I need. Miss Sweet & Mr. Clark are both sick with colds. Mrs. C. is teaching for the latter. Had a note from Jennie A. wishes me to make her more mittens. The gas went out all over the city last night. When turned on left many in danger. Police did all they could to help. We were not troubled. Have written a little to Harriet for birthday. Hope it will remind him that he is old enough to work for Christ. Enclosed a handkerchief. Mrs. Lang's little Israel is dead of pneumonia.