Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday January 6, 1895

Cold, stormy day. Snow and rain, freezing.

Have not been to church as I was afraid to go on the icy walks, and of taking more cold. Studyed a little in my Bible and wrote a long letter to George which I may not send, tho' it was a relief to write it. This afternoon had a long nap. My cold is about the same. The girls were good mostly during study hour. Had to shut Bourdon up again. Sent down a responce for this evening & have not been to communion in a long time. Up to breakfast.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday January 5, 1895

Pleasant--but very cold--

Have been very busy. Was on duty this afternoon but the girls were all good except Bourdon and Tobey. They submitted at last. George R. came up between trains: he missed the 6 o'clock. I loaned him "Derrick Vaughan" to read. Finished my mittens and an initial in my handkerchief Mrs. A. gave me for my birthday. Mrs. Waite's cold is very bad--mine is no better. Have felt very cross part of the day and feel as if I were a miserable Christian! Still I feel like eating and stronger. I am so glad.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday January 4, 1895

Snowed early--cleared at noon, thaws
grows colder tonight

Rec'd the rest of my salary to-day. Have a hard cold so feel tired. Cleaned up my room. Finished three aprons for Mrs. Flagg's boys. The children have had a nice week for skating & sliding. Miss Bessie Fay said "I am so glad it is the last day of school. I am so tired." I wonder if the teachers ever think of the rest who care for 150 children at one time, and seven days in the week! Evening. The party is in progress. Took my bath after the girls. Had a letter from George R. Am not so sure all is over between us. I may have been mistaken. Some Miss Thompson called while I was bathing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday January 3, 1895

Cloudy, colder, does not thaw

PM 12:30 o'clock

Went up to town and bought a black dress for "good." Also one of Lyall's books. Feel tired and fretty. Miss Hatheway called while I was away. Am sorry to have mised her.

Rec'd Dr. Bryant's card, He has left Chapman's and is for himself in the Cheney Bldg. Miss Glass has gone uptown, Mr. Wing will speak on the Chinese and Japan war tomorrow even in the parlor, by request. Miss Jennie has invited me, but as it is bath night I cannot go. Still I am glad she asked me. Had a nap, feel tired & cross tonight. Am still hungry. Played songs this even, finished two aprons for Mrs. Smith's boys.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday January 2, 1895

Fair, not as cold, thaws

Went down to the hospital this forenoon to see Fannie. Carried cakes, fruit and candy. Went and came on the electric car. They are such a luxury.

Did a little sewing this afternoon, and took a nap. My ankle feels weak today. Miss Glass has had a pain in her face. I read to her from "Nancy Hartshour" this evening.

Began again in the shop this evening but several of the boys are sick, and some stayed out to skate. Have been hungry today.

Tues. Jan 1 1895

Fair and cold

As my life here is so varied, I have concluded to keep a diary for one year. Had a letter from Auntie. She seems pleased with my little gifts, but seems disheartened by losses. How lovely her life is! I am thinking of George R. too. Wondering if he has my note and how he will bear the letter which will soon be there too. Oh I am sorry for him! And yet I am sure it will all end well.

Party went off nicely. Lots of company. I am tired. Geo. R. called this evening.