Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday January 13, 1895

Rained hard early, cleared & nice but around 4 p.m. came a cold snowstorm & wind

Went to church. Had a good sermon from Matt. 27:6-10. I think Mrs. Robertson's death had something to do with the subject as he dwelt on the joy which came to us from taking Christ's view of a great calamity. Mr. Robertson was there with one child. Mrs. Jones spoke with me. She is sister of a former Brown School teacher & attends our church. Was on duty this evening. Mamie O. very bad both times. Jennie R. room was entered by drunken man and I think Mr. Holt wants to marry her now. Have written a long letter to George for fear some harm may come to her.

Mr. Williams no better.

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