Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday May 1, 1895

Saw Mr. Sleeves at Sawyers
Father & Mother were married 39 years ago today

A beautiful spring day

Went up town this afternoon, drew out some money, had my ring marked for George and finished buying sheets. Am very tired tonight. Finished & marked the No. 7 & 8 pillow cases and No. 2 sheets. Sewed some on the outing nightdress.

Bridget came up this evening gave her a handkerchief. Mr. Holt has 13 bbls of syrup come today. He paid me back the $1.30 he borrowed last week. Have been more patient today. Croeker, Beausoleil & Youngs are on the sick list.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday April 30, 1895

Cloudy, showery, disagreeable all day because it has been warm & damp

Have written George tonight and mailed it at the corner. Asked about a position for Matie, also if it will be wiser to rest before we are married. I have thought of his side much today. Another box of Arbutus came, but do not know who from. Began on the third pair of sheets & eight pair of pillow cases. Am very tired tonight--had a note from May about the Arbutus.

Celia gets through tomorrow poor young wife! How good God is to me, and how poorly I show out his light!

Another month of waiting ended!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday April 29, 1895

Cloudy all the A.M. No clearer in the P.M.

High School reception tonight. Had a letter from George this morning saying he expected to have a contract which would bring him $700 and near Hill City. Another letter this evening speaking of our coming rides, etc. A lovely wild flower was enclosed which I have put on a card. Have mended & sewed more today. Had a box of Arbutus from May Thompson--Matie Douglass came up for a few minutes this evening. She wants very much to go west & I hope she can.

Sunday April 28, 1895

Cooler. Unpleasant but cleared this P.M.

Went to church--Mr. Love spoke on the power of "In His Name." Mr. Brown one of Mrs. W.P. Williams spoke with me after church. He sat in our seat.

Wore my blue dress & new cape, have fixed my brown hat so I can wear it better. Took a nap then wrote to George & Anna after 7 P.M. wrote a long letter to Ada & one to Jennifer Andrews.

But have not studied my Bible lesson--how short the Sundays seem.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday April 27, 1895

Anna's 30th birthday

Stormy rain most of the day--cooler

Had quite a thundershower in the night which has cooled the air. Been very busy & cross today. But I have tried not to be the latter. Now when I ought to be patient, loving & kind to all, I am so easily irritated, I wonder why! Surely it cannot be because I am run down, for I have been that before. Miss S & Kellogg have been to Avon, brought me a bunch of arbutur which flower always reminds me of "Will." My riding habit is all done and at home! Miss G'law likes it. Wish I could have sent Anna something today. The dear girl! Lewis family came in today.

Friday April 26, 1895

80 degrees at noon
Bright and warm

Eight weeks from tonight every chick of them will be gone--Eight more bathings!

Took care of my room and then rested. Have felt tired all day. At 2 P.M. went over to the store for some crackers & fruit. Miss G'law has been up town with Miss Stores who went home tonight. Melted up some of my old maple sugar for syrup.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday April 25, 1895

78 degrees at 10 A.M.
Very warm, had a little thunder shower this afternoon

Went up to Mrs. Hunt's, my riding shirt is all done, and the waist will be tomorrow. She cannot begin on the silk waist until later on--bought the material for my tea-gown, it is old blue with a changable old rose silk for front.

Came home and found Matie Douglass here, she was not well. Stayed until 4:20 and we talked of my future home. I wish she could go out there too. Miss Stores showed me her new dresses, they are very pretty. And such a splendid letter from George. He was thinking of buying a mill with Mr. Rogers. George had not started for Neb.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday April 24, 1895

Lovely again, with showers

Have sewed some, begun on another pair of sheets and the other pillow cases. Wrote a long letter to "My laddie."

Have rested quite a good deal today & read. Miss Gardner told Miss Greenlaw what I needed for stiffening in my dresses.

The children who went to the Capitol had a good time.

Tuesday April 23, 1895

Warm & bright--showered a little P.M.

Rested quite a good deal today as I did not sleep well last night, but I am feeling better, almost finished two pair more of pillow cases making 5 prs. all done, and the sixth all but tucking one. Also finished one tray cloth, and worked a little on my outing nightdress. So have really accomplished more than for some days lately. Had a letter from Ada. She has told Auntie. And so the news goes--today was setting on a table & Miss Sweetpass said "That's a bad sign." I said "I know it but an awfully good rest when one's tired."

My waterproof came this P.M.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday April 22, 1895

Bright early--stormed this P.M.

Soon after 9 o'clock Mrs. W.P. & I went up town, bought silk for my waist & my wedding silk, also a black cape. We did not start for home until 12:30 & I was very tired. Mrs. Cline came soon after that. I could not rest, but I was very glad to see her, and when I told her I was going West, she took it beautifully. Told me he would never have asked me to be his wife unless he loved me. How kind of her. Had a letter from George--he expects to [illegible] to Neb.

Sunday April 21, 1895

Bright, warm & beautiful

Went to church, rode home with Mr. Williams. Mr. McLeod preached on the theme "Christ in the World." Mr. Love has taken a hard cold. Spoke with Mr. Jones and Mrs. Frank Allen.

Have written to George. Took a long nap this afternoon but do not feel well so am going to bed. Mrs. Williams is going up with me to buy my wedding dress in the morning.

Saturday April 20, 1895

Bright & spring-like warm

It has been a very busy and successful day for me. Did my regular Saturday work in the clothes room--washed my two wrappers. Paid my bill to Mrs. Gardner. Went down to try on my riding habit--it is a nice fit. Had two teeth out & made arrangements with Dr. Bryant for the other work. Bought a waterproof and selected samples for a silk waist and my wedding dress--bought two pair of kid gloves. Mr. W. P. Williams has given me a paper so that I can get a discount on all goods bought at Sage & Allen.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday April 19, 1895

Strawberries for tea at 2 P.M.

Beautiful & bright--much warmer

Cleaned up my room & sew one pillow case--then lay down for an hour before dinner. Lay down until 4 P.M. and again this evening so my head feels better. Has stopped aching but left me very weak. George Atwell came up this evening and I found him after he came from the bathroom. We had a nice talk about his new book--I think he was afraid I would feel his mother's letter. Perhaps he will take some pictures of my room. I was blue, but now I feel better.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday April 18, 1895

This was Sarah Woodford's birthday

Another bright beautiful day

Have been tired all day and have not sewed much, finished and marked a pair of sheets and sewed one pillow case. Mrs. Waite came in & saw me working on a sheet--also on a tray cloth. Wonder if she suspects! She burned her hand today. May Thompson called at tea time and Mira later. I told May I was going west.

Had a letter from George, he expects to start for Neb. this week the latter part. My head feels tired & I am too--all over. Mira has been looking for at rents.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday April 17, 1895

Bright and beautiful--warmer

Took the 9:30 car for Unionville and left there at 6:40, both cars were the new side seat. Anna is doing nicely, and the baby is so cute and tiny. Doc takes more notice of her than he did of Lewis at first. I took some pinks and tulips to Anna & she gave me a bunch of geraniums. Lewis began going to school today & likes it.

No letter from George yet. I will write my usual one tonight. And I am very tired. Mrs. Geo. Thompson will make my tea gown & wedding dress.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday April 16, 1895

Cloudy & chilly--River still rising

The river is even higher than it was oen week ago, and it is feared it may take away the E. Hfd. Bridge. The Elec. Cars have not crossed since early this forenoon--Much damage has been done up the river. It was too cold and damp to go to Unionville. Made a money holder--finished my first sheet and have the mate more than half done. Worked on my outing gown--stitched the fourth pair of pillow cases. Sent a note to Ada about the furniture, and rested a little. Am very tired. Mr. Morey has gone. Hannon came back this afternoon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday April 15, 1895

Jennie Talmages' birthday

Cloudy--stormed this evening

Went to the dressmaker this A.M. She will make a silk waist too. Miss Gardner will let me know on Friday if she will make my black silk. Have another pair of pillowcases ready to stitch, & a sheet more than half done: worked some on my tray cloth. Had a letter from Mrs. Atwell & she told George & Belle. I have written her I was sorry. I will try to go out before long to see her. Hope to go to Anna's tomorrow.

Miss G'law put a doll all covered up on the lounge to fool Dr. S this morning & told him she had only one sick one & she would not open her eyes. Miss G'law seems very sober today. Am afraid she is worrying about her sister. Mister Higley, the new watchman, is here. Bridget has gone.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday April 14, 1895

Klurowski birthday 13 years old
Brother Roy is 22 years old today

Rained very hard in the night and part of the forenoon. Sunset clear.

Have not been to church was too tired and it it was so wet. Walked a while on the piazza. Read an article in Bible study then took a nap before dinner. Have been writing this afternoon--Miss Greenlaw gave me two of the "Reed Brothers" cakes of maple sugar, which I sent to George. Gave Floy Weld a photo & handkerchief for helping me & Roy a photo. Miss Jennie has been to Bloomfield with her mother.

Had lettuce for dinner but not from the gardens, & lobster too.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday April 13, 1895

Stormed this A.M. & again this evening

Had a letter from George which I would have rec'd yesterday had the mail been delivered. It was a good one as they all are. Tonight I read the notice of his father's burial on Thursday.

Stitched the third pair of pillow cases & hemmed a towel, besides sewing a little on my outing gown. Have gotten along quite well while on duty. Miss Jennie gave me a photo for Easter. Mr. and Mrs. Heynea were here to tea, they with Mr. Morey start for a visit to York State on Tuesday. The new girls are here--Minnie left this even. Bridget goes Monday.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday April 12, 1895

Mortimer Donahue 11 yeas. old today

Beautiful, but cold

Cleaned up my room then after resting sewed up & hemmed a pair of pillow cases--after dinner hem-stitched a towel, this evening between bathings began a sheet & one of my tray cloths.

Have written Harry & Maud--also a long letter to Jennie L. Talmadge.

The tired feeling has gone somewhat today. Mamie Oxly sprained her ankle while jumping in the yard--disobeyed. Was on duty this P.M. Sent the little "Forget-me-not" with George's letter.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday April 11, 1895

Bright but cool

Miss Greenlaw came home very tired, but I was so glad to see her! She thinks my ring is lovely and thot it was set wth jewels. Edith Marshall came this evening. Have tried several times to write to Geoge & have at last succeeded and it is after 11 o'clock. Communion in all the churches tonight.

Louis came to see me this forenoon. Father wanted me to go out there and see to things before Mr. Leyman moved in but I cannot. Made another pair of pillow cases & a holder. Have felt sick all day, better tonight.

Mrs. Miller came in & had a long talk, asked what I would like for a present.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday April 20, 1895

Doctor Fuller & Auntie Johns birthdays

Very pleasant but windy & colder

Went up town this P.M., bought cloth for a riding habit, & for sheets. Set the serge to Mrs. Horne. Cora Alfna spent the say here. Some Shakers have been in also--Met Mrs. Stowe and Gracie on he street.

Felt very tired & lonely all day. Is it because Mr. H could see Jennie & I could not see George! I sent him a note this A.M. and received a letter tonight; have not finished any work but cut out my outing night-dress.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday April 9, 1895

Stormy but partly cleared this P.M.

Miss Greenlaw has gone to Boston, the children have been good. I am very tired today. Have written a long letter to Mrs. Atwell but wil not send yet. Addie Leyman called to see me and I told her. She seems sad, but said she was glad. Mr. W. P. Williams came up this evening & we had a little talk. Finished a pair of pillow cases & marked some things. My ring has come, but am not sure it is the one he picked out as it is quite heavy. Sent George some flour for Easter.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday April 8, 1895

Rainy all day--windy this evening

Have just written a long letter to Anna, telling her what I have done & planned.

Finished the other tablecloth, the rest of my dish towels and one pillow case today.

My head aches & I feel very tired. Miss Rebecca went to Boston this noon and Miss Greenlaw goes tomorrow as the boat leaves on Thursday. More of my photos came tonight, but not my ring.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday April 7, 1895

Palm Sunday

Not at all pleasant, rained this A.M.

Went to church, had a good serman explaining the meaning of "Hosanna" (singers prayer) & "Alleluia" (Redeemed Song). H=save we beseech thee--A=Praise ye the Lord. Have written Ada a long letter and a long one to George sending my photo & a note of thanks to Mrs. Irwin.

Think I will wear my garnet ring all the time now--only when I can wear the other, so that I won't feel odd. Mrs. Waite came n this P.M. She saw me shut the "plush doors--" Mrs. Mann likes to talk of my future, have promised to give her my screen. My head has ached today, had a time with Liberty this A.M.

To bed 9:00 P.M.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday April 6, 1895

Unpleasant--Rain this afternoon

Tired, and was at noon but I went over to the dressmakers the dress was sent home this evening. I put it on and everyone pronounces it a fine fit and becoming. Roy took me over to show it to Ms. Waite and we had a little fun over it. Hemmed the rest of the towel and another tablecloth this P.M. Roy asked me if I tho't Mr. Holt and Jennie R. are engaged. I had a short...but good letter from George. It is the Jeweler's fault my ring has not yet come. Mrs. Irwin is going to start some plants for me. How kind! Baby is one week old.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday April 5, 1895

Very pleasant & spring like

Did not do much to my room as I wished to sew and have felt tired. Hemmed more dishtowels & drawn the threads to the three hand towels, hemmed one end. Took a little walk this afternoon, bought my rubber gloves, and a game, also a few dishes. George thought my ring would be here this week but it has not come yet. How much we have had to practise patience! This has been a very long week. Eleven more bath nights--am through late tonight.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday April 4, 1895

Pleasant most of the day

Went over to the dressmakers. My dress will be done on Saturday. Finished the napkins and one table cloth today. Am very tired. Miss Slate has asked me to take her school next Thursday P.M. I hope to do so. Perhaps Miss Gardner will make my blk silk. Had another dear, good letter from George, and he told me of a dangerous ride he took, also of the night when Jettie came to him after he had been in danger. What a good man my love is! Rec'd three of my photos--they look very sad and sickly. Mrs. Heynea came up this evening.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday April 3, 1895

A beautiful day--snowed early but cleared before noon

Miss Hannah called this afternoon. Sewed some, and written to George, received another letter from him tonight--How they brighten my days. I wonder if it is silly for two people to love each other so much & not be afraid to say it sometimes! It makes me happier anyway. Criss is to move away. Mr. Heynea may rent one house. Auntie will have a young couple live with her, so I am glad--Lewis is still with Ada. I could not sleep from 11 P.M. until after 8 A.M. so feel tired, must take a bath & go to bed. Think Bridget will come this summer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday April 2, 1895

Cloudy most of the day

Have finished all my best napkins and most of my dish towels. Also the fancy stitch on a tea holder.

Spoke with Mr. W.P. about my bank book & he thinks it would be as well to leave it here if I do not need it. The mutes have their meeting, entertained by Miss Green & Noyes. They just gave me a glass of lemonade & it was so good!

Miss Mann has gone to Windsor & I kept study hour for her--that means 50 cents extra. Have felt better today.

Mrs. Williams wants me to have a light hat & I guess she is right.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday April 1, 1895

Rainy and a true April day

Went to the dressmakers and up town this A.M. Bought silk for my dress and pillow case cotton--Anna has a little daughter born Saturday. Have written Mrs. H. a note of thanks for the information. A good long letter from George saying my ring will be here soon and as usual found our thoughts are in the same channel even before we know the others wishes.

Ralph Wheeler has gone away & no one knows where.

The Mr. Greenlaws return to me week after next. Mrs. Heynea has been up this evening--sewed a little.