Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wednesday February 6, 1895

12 below at 8 o'clock
Cold but clear and beautiful
A charming moonlight evening

Sent a note to Mrs. Allen this afternoon in acknowledgment of her letter. Have felt more restful today. All the school rooms were cold this morning so that there was less order. Children had their sleds this noon but too cold to stay out long--chicken for dinner, oysters for supper--have felt tired and lazy all the week and have done only a little mending perhaps partly due to the cold. My cough is nearly gone. Have come to bed early. Hope I can sleep well. Enjoy reading from David Brainard's life so much. E. Car stalled near W. Hartford with a party all night.

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  1. I'll never complain about having a cold again. How awful to get one cold after another with no decent drugs to help.